Drop into the Pipe with Pep Fujas

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Get Schooled: Drop Into the Pipe

Pep Fujas is one of the most versatile freestyle skiers in the world. Check him out this fall in Poor Boyz Productions' War, MSP's Hit List, and C-Crew's Pop Yer Bottlez. Not that he skis for fame. Pep cares about skiing. That's it. To see him on the pipe, click on the slideshow below. GO HUGE to see his every move.

There are two keys to dropping into a pipe: Controlling your speed and selecting the proper line. First, determine how much speed you want to carry into the pipe. Newcomers start farther downhill and make small speed checks as they approach the deck. From the deck, drop directly into the transition. Don't try to ski across the fall line. It's a vertical wall. Catch too much air and you'll splat on the flats of the pipe bottom.

Ollie (popping over the lip of the pipe like a skateboarder would hop a curb) off the deck and into the pipe, landing on the transition. That second of hang time will allow you to aim your body toward your new trajectory, which will be across and slightly down the pipe.

Keep your weight forward as you land in the transition and immediately put your skis on edge. This will keep your speed up and prevent you from getting compressed at the bottom of the tranny and tossed backward. Look forward, with your eyes on the opposite wall.

As you gain more confidence, drop in with more speed and hit the tranny higher. Figure out the best line through the bottom and you'll be ready for next month's tip: boosting out of the pipe.

QUICKTIP:Land with your skis matching the tranny, you'll touch down smoother.



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