Wyoming's Grand Targhee has received 10 inches in the past 24 hours, and 27 inches in the past week. And, thanks to the recent big snows, they re-opened the Blackfoot lift on Wednesday and will run it straight through Easter Sunday 4/4 before closing down for the season.

Dumps of the Week

It is still dumping snow across the west. Tahoe is getting hammered with feet upon feet of snow. Grand Targhee, Snowbird, Silverton Mountain, Alyeska—they're all getting snow. Winter isn't over—get out and ski powder while you still can.


Dump of the Week: April 22, 2009

Mother Earth poured on more powder this week to resorts deserving a snowy reward for their environmental efforts. Still skiing? Good for you.


Dump of the Week: November 6, 2008

As the West coast got tons of snow, the East opened a few ski areas. Check out photos from both sides of the country here.

Dumps Thumb 2262013

Dumps of the Week 2/26/13

A celebration of the week's best storms.