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Dump of the Week: 12/12/12

A celebration of the the last week's best storms.


Dumps of the Week 2-13-13

A celebration of the weeks best dumps


Dumps of the Week: 12/19/12

A celebration of the last seven days of snow.

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Dumps of the Week 2/26/13

A celebration of the week's best storms.

Season Pass Roundup 2015-16

Season Pass Roundup 2015-16

Find your ski pass for next season—and the best deals—here.

Wyoming's Grand Targhee has received 10 inches in the past 24 hours, and 27 inches in the past week. And, thanks to the recent big snows, they re-opened the Blackfoot lift on Wednesday and will run it straight through Easter Sunday 4/4 before closing down for the season.

Dumps of the Week

It is still dumping snow across the west. Tahoe is getting hammered with feet upon feet of snow. Grand Targhee, Snowbird, Silverton Mountain, Alyeska—they're all getting snow. Winter isn't over—get out and ski powder while you still can.

Where To Ski Now

Where To Ski Now

Find late season pow, or at least some corn, at these resorts that haven’t closed yet.

Dumps of the Week 3/5/13

Who's getting it this week.