Earning Turns: Fredrick Ericsson Attempts to Ski 3 Highest Mtns

Follow along as Fredrick Ericsson and Jorgen Aamot attempt to climb and ski Kangchenjunga this fall.

Ski Mountaineer Fredrick Ericsson has skied Peak Somoni, Gasherbrum, and Dhualagiri and is now attempting to climb and ski the three highest mountains on Earth with Norwegian mountaineer, Jörgen Aamot. He started Kangchenjunga a few weeks ago and is busy acclimatizing and making attempts at the summit. Ericsson will attempt K2 and Mount Everest after that.


has his updates and will be posting them here. Please click on one of the links below to see where Ericsson and crew are at the moment.


News on the Departure: Swede First to Ski Three Highest Mountains


Kangchenjunga Ski Expedition Update 1


Kangchenjunga Ski Expedition Update 2


Kangchenjunga Ski Expedition Update 3


Kangchenjunga Ski Expedition Update 4


Kangchenjunga Ski Expedition Update 5


Swede Fredrick Ericsson Pushing for Summit


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