East: Top 5 Bumps


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#1 White Heat: Sunday River
Access: White Cap Quad
Vertical Drop: 1,280 feet
Bump Size: (VW, Hummer, or Mack Truck): Mack Truck
Why It Rips: Sunday River used to crow that White Heat is the longest, widest, steepest lift-serviced trail in the East, but thankfully, they’re now shying away from silly superlatives and letting the run speak for itself. That’s enough: With a 26-degree pitch, it’s not the steepest bump run in the East, but the consistency of its slope and snow, along with the perfect spacing of the tall, fat bumps, leaves little doubt that White Heat is among the toughest mogul runs anywhere. There’s rarely a line at the White Cap Quad, so you can pummel White Heat to your heart’s content. Or until your legs tell you to stop.

#2 Outer Limits: Killington
Access: Bear Mountain Quad
Vertical Drop: 1,200 feet
Bump Size: VW (but Microbus, not Beetle)
Why It Rips: Outer Limits is perhaps the most ornery bump run in the East. A half-mile in length, it drops nearly a quarter-mile in vert and has served as a stomping ground for Donna Weinbrecht, Hannah Hardaway, and Evan Dyvbig.

#3 Stein’s Run: Sugarbush
Access: Super Bravo Express
Vertical Drop: 977 feet
Bump Size: Stein Eriksen must have been a truck-drivin’ man…it’s Mack all the way.
Why It Rips: At first glance, the consistently steep and arrow-straight swath known as Stein’s Run practically begs to be skied fast and loose. Don’t be fooled. Those bumps could hide a hippo, and the moderate double fall line demands a high level of cool-headed precision.

#4 Starr: Stowe,br>Access: Lookout Double
Vertical Drop: 2,250 feet
Bump Size: VW, Hummer, and Mack Truck-Starr’s a veritable traffic jam.
Why It Rips: A fence blocks all but a skier’s-width line into Starr’s narrow throat. Good thing, because to stumble unwittingly into Starr’s precipitous, bump-riddled headwall would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. A plastic knife. With no handle. After the initial plunge, things get a bit saner, but Starr is top-to-bottom hairball.

#5 Empire: Whiteface
Access: Cloudsplitter Gondola
Vertical Drop: 800 feet
Bump Size: VW
Why It Rips: Because it’s too narrow to be groomed (think about that for a second), the bumps on Little Empire are left to their own devices, which means they just get bigger and meaner as winter unfolds.