EOTC Preview: Team Discrete

Who needs planning when you don’t sleep?
Team Discrete chile

After snagging People's Choice for their video at last year's Eye of the Condor (EOTC),
the Discrete team is gearing up for round two. Skiing caught up with film producer John Roderick to talk about plans for
this year and the high-energy party antics that bring this crew together.

What was it like working with Team Discrete at Eye of the Condor last year?

Working with Team Discrete was amazing. It felt like we didn't sleep more than a half
hour the entire trip. I don’t know how we made a film; we would get back from the bar at
6 a.m. and people would be leaving with ski boots on to go film. It’s amazing how hard
we partied and were still able to get out there on the hill everyday!

Have you worked together since Eye of the Condor?

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We recently did a tour around Montana where we skied Bridger Bowl and Teton Pass
Resort, an abandoned ski resort that we had to ourselves. We camped in Lewis & Clark
National Forest, drank the state dry of all it's whiskey, and entered a chili contest. We
came in dead last, which was no surprise as we had only about 15 minutes to make ours.
We used four cans of Hormel’s and added a bunch of terrible spices and some dark beer.
I think it sent the one kid that was brave enough to try it home with diarrhea.

Any plans for Eye Of The Condor 2?

Yes, Team Discrete and I are headed back to Chile for round 2. We’re starting to bounce
ideas off one another. Last year we had no plans, I think if we actually brain storm on a
plan this year we may do well. We’ll see..

What’s new and exciting at EOTC this year?

The first thing to get excited about is the 50th anniversary beer, which they will be generously feeding us. They’ve added some heli time this year. I think the competition will be even better. Hopefully we get better snow as well, I've already heard their having a great winter down there, which opens up more possibilities for filming.

What about the partnership with IF3?

I think it’s cool; anything that gives credit to hard work that goes into filmmaking is a
great thing. It gives more exposure to us, and the event itself.

If the Discrete team had a mascot what would it be?
Ha! If Team Discrete had a mascot it would Rachael Burks as her awesome self, carrying
a detonation box with a caption that read “Kaboooom” to every place we've traveled

Any words of wisdom for aspiring filmers?
You don't need a RED to fit in.

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Stay tuned for next week's interview with Icelantic Skis All-Female team.

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