#EOTC2: Live From the Scene

A quick look at what's going down at La Parva
Parker Cook EOTC 2

For the past five days the Eye of the Condor’s four teams have been hustling their ski boots off to create the best possible photo and video content for tomorrow night’s deadline. From dawn patrol photo shoots, to parties that last till sunrise, the action has been non-stop. 

“This contest is unlike any contest I’ve ever done before—in 7 days you have to show a story.” Says Team Icelantic’s Alex Taran. “It’s easy to go to the bar at the end of the day and tell your friends how sick of a run you had. To be able to catch this experience and relay it to other people, to show what it really is, is so difficult.”

Here's a few teaser photos of the last few days events.

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La Chimnea is ganrly. But what about at night?

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Here's the set up for one gnarly photo shoot with Team Widsix. Let's just say skiing La Chiminea at night gets your heart rate going.

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When teams aren't shredding, they're eating well.

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Team Discrete cheers on Parker Cook while he shreds face. These guys shred everything, every day, all night.

That's it for now!


Inside El Chiminea, La Parva's signature couloir.

Que Bueno!

Griffin Post, competing at the Freeskiing World Tour stop in La Parva, Chile, says the venue is good to go.