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Eric Pollard's Super Segment

All of Mr. Pollard's favorite shots from last season rolled into one big fat self-edit.
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If you've watched any Nimbus Independent webisode lately, you know that Eric Pollard is damn fun to watch. Whether he's slashing fluffy knolls or throwing airborne spins between snow-draped firs, this pioneer of backcountry freestyle is indisputably one of the most creative skiers ever to play on the slopes. In this, his latest edit, Pollard, a Line Skis athlete, has spliced together his favorite moments from film shoots last season with Nimbus and Level 1 Productions. He skis his way from Mount Hood to Japan and hits dozens of spots in between. The soundtrack, as you'll soon discover, is pretty awesome, too. So turn up the volume, expand your video player, sit back, and enjoy.

Also check out EPOV: Eric Pollard's Super Segment from Line Skis on Vimeo.


EPOV: Eric Pollard's Super Segment

EPOV: Eric Pollard's Super Segment

Eric Pollard skis like he paints, placing natural flowing lines on virgin powder with one-of-a-kind smooth style, throwing tricks along the way that only he has perfected to look this easy to establish himself as an undisputed pioneer of backcountry

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