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Coming back to ski Mount Rainier was like coming home. Literally.

“I learned to ski with my brothers, in the backcountry at the base of Mount Rainier,” Hummel recalls fondly. “We put on skins and we learned to ski by ski touring. Every turn I made I had to earn. I didn’t ride a lift until I was 10.”

What a gift, to grow up in the shadow of a national treasure, the highest peak in the Cascade Mountains—and in all of Washington itself. It’s also the fifth highest in the Lower 48, rising to 14,411 feet.

But for Hummel, this portion of his expedition was far more meaningful than peak bagging. His friend and ski partner, Adam Roberts, was killed in an avalanche outside of Washington’s White Pass Ski Area on Dec. 27, 2016. Hummel had the honor of joining Roberts’ parents, Steve and Judy, to spread their son’s ashes across the peaks he loved the most. Roberts was a free-spirited soul who lived for his next ski adventure, says Hummel, and being able to honor him in this way added a layer of depth to the project. “Adam would have loved what we were doing here.”

Mount Rainier
14,411 feet


Seattle, Wash.
60 miles

Views of the Puget Sound and the surrounding peaks from the summit.

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