Featured Video: Glowing Man by Jacob Sutton

Late night powder turns while sporting a light suit? Yes, please.

London based fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton has released a new video featuring one of our favorite things—powder. Photographers have been creating beautiful night photography in recent years using strobes to illuminate the athlete. Sutton has taken it to the next level and, with the help of designer John Spatcher, outfitted pro snowboarder Will Hughes in a LED light suit from head to toe. The contrast of the bright suit against the dark night is striking, especially as it illuminates the blower powder kicked up with every turn. “Filming in the suit was the most surreal thing I’ve done in 20 years of snowboarding,” claims Hughes.

Enjoy. And if you want to see more of Sutton’s work, visit his website for videos studying the movements of martial arts, fencing, dance and more.

Glowing Man HD from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.