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Five-Question Interview: Henrik Winstedt

Professional big-mountain skier Henrik Winstedt spends his winter chasing the World Freeride Tour and filming for his personal documentary, Exploded View, which premieres this month.We spoke to him about being a new dad, signing with Salomon, and not owning a car.
The Nissan O'Neill Xtreme Verbier: A Perfect Ending to the Freeride World Tour

If you haven’t heard of Sweden’s Henrik Winstedt yet, you will. With an appearance in Matchstick Production’s new film In Deep, an impressive resume of World Freeride Tour results (he won the tour in 2008 and placed fifth in 2009) and slopestyle comps (second in the U.S. Open in 2004 and a fifth place at the Winter X Games), and an upcoming movie about him called Exploded View, 26 year old Winstedt is an athlete on the rise. All that, and he recently became a father, moved to Monaco, and switched ski sponsors from Rossignol to Salomon.

So you just had a baby boy. What’s it like being a dad?

It’s amazing. I’m so glad he is healthy and strong. It’s going to be tough to be away so much this winter. Last year I moved to Monaco, so I’m not allowed to be in Sweden that much, which will make it hard to see my son there.

Tell me about this documentary you’re starring in.

Fred Arne Wergeland is doing a documentary about me—he followed me around almost every day last season. It is not a ski movie; it’s a documentary with good skiing footage. The viewer is constantly going to want to see more. It will have a story from the first second until the last. We traveled everywhere from Japan to Alaska to shoot it.

You have a lot of gear, but no car?

No, not since I moved to Monaco. I’ve been traveling too much. When I’m in Sweden I can borrow my dad’s car.

You just signed with Salomon. Why the switch?

Rossignol has had some issues this year, which made it impossible for me to stay with them. My change was easy. Salomon has always works closely with their athletes and the freeskiing industry, so I know I will be in good hands.

In 2000, you won the Red Bull Big Air comp in Are, Sweden. Are you done competing in freestyle?

I’m definitely done with the freestyle events. What the kids are doing now is crazy—double cork 1260 with a solid grab and good style on the same jumps I could have won with a switch 720 five years ago. One word—insane. The format for the Freeride World Tour is changing from one run to two, which opens up for more progress trick-wise. It’s going to be interesting.

Check out Henrik's documentary trailer:


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