Five-Question Interview: Hugo Harrisson

We caught up with Hugo Harrisson to talk about bone spurs, skiing the Chic Choc, and his new segment in Warren Miller Entertainment's Wintervention.
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Hugo Harrisson is a three-time IFSA World Tour Champion and a perennial fixture in both Warren Miller Entertainment and MSP films. If you have never seen Hugo’s film segments… well…his skiing speaks for itself. 

We’re stoked for the premiere of Wintervention; the trailer looks great. What can you tell us about your segment?

My trip to Austria was very fun. I have skied in Lech once before but it was early in the season. I was excited to go back there in the winter to see more of that place. When we arrived we had perfect conditions, we probably could have gotten there a day before but that was ok, we had perfect timing. The next day, we started filming for a week straight. The weather was really good and we had a lot of fun exploring this zone. It was early March when we did this trip so after a week the conditions changed a lot. I was with Karine and Loraine from the Kastle pro team. They are both very stoked on skiing so it made the trip very good. Loraine was in her hometown so she showed us a lot of good spots. It was a perfect trip, but the whole time I was dealing with major bone spur pain in my foot. By the end of the week I was really happy to get out of my boots!

Sounds like an adventure. What have you been up to this summer?

My summer has been very good. I work construction from early May until the end of November. I spend all my summer on Vancouver Island in Tofino. I work, surf and take care of my son Sebastien.

You have appeared in Matchstick Production films for the last eight years. How does shooting with Warren Miller Entertainment compare to shooting with MSP?

They are both very similar. Everyday you are trying to go get a shot. With MSP you’re trying to get as many shots as you can over the entire season. With Warren Miller I was on a two-week trip so I tried to get as many shots as I could during that period of time. I have a good time filming with both of them. Every trip is different; that’s the good part. I always go somewhere and try to make the best out of it. For me, filming is a good way to go out and ski some nice lines!

You have been on the Kastle pro team since 2007 and get to help design skis. Is there anything you are currently working on with them that you’re excited about?

Kastle is very fun to work with because they like to make products that ski well. We exchange ideas all the time. We made a new ski this year- it's 128 underfoot. It's very fat, but it ski’s on its own. Kastle is always trying to make their skis better— it very fun to be part of that!

Any big plans for the coming season?

I have a few ideas but I always try to decide last minute so I can get better conditions. I would love to go back home in Quebec…in the Chic Choc. I skied a lot there when I was younger so it would be great to go back there. Alaska is always a place where I like to go back every season if I can. I will probably do a lot around my home in Whistler as well, we always have very good conditions and it's easy… because I know all the spots!

Warren Millers Wintervention Premieres on October 19 at the Xango Grand Theatre in Orem, Utah. All attendees will receive a free mid-week lift ticket to The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

For more info and to find showtime near you check out:


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