Five-Question Interview: Ingrid Backstrom

To get ready for the premiere of Matchstick Production's “The Way I See It" this Saturday in Boulder, Colorado, we caught up with Ingrid Backstrom to chat about the new flick, Twitter, and getting redemption on a snowmobile.
Ingrid Backstrom lifestyle

Ingrid Backstrom is a perennial fixture in Matchstick Productions films. She’s constantly redefining the boundaries of women’s skiing, and her hard-charging big mountain style is impossible to ignore. We can’t wait to see more of it this Saturday.

You just got back from South America. Can you tell us about your trip?

It was a great trip—it felt good to be skiing again after having surgery on my Achilles in March. We started in La Parva and El Colorado, Chile, skied pow and windbuff with my parents, got my feet back under me a bit, then headed to Portillo for Chris Davenport's camp. After Portillo, we headed south to Nevados de Chillan, got some pow days and some down days when the lifts were closed but overall a really relaxing and beautiful spot. We hiked and skied a volcano. Finally, we crossed into Argentina and spent a week in Bariloche to finish up. A little trip to the Frey hut ended our trip in the best possible fashion.

We are stoked for the premiere of The Way I See It in Boulder this week, what can you tell us about your segment?

It’s a collective segment about Squaw and the camaraderie of skiing. It's different than any other that I've had—it's more about the feeling you get skiing with other people and what an important part of skiing that is. MSP is amazing; I am so lucky to be involved with them. I am looking forward to seeing the movie, too!

In 2002, you were the only female on Powder magazine’s list of "11 Future Big Mountain Heroes”. Since that time women’s skiing has seen explosive progression.

Women are definitely charging in so many ways, it's awesome to watch. It's a numbers game: the more women who get involved, the better the general level gets, then there are more good female role models. It continues to grow exponentially. Women tend to take after their moms like men take after their dads—we're just a generation or so behind as our moms weren't encouraged to jump off cliffs like our dads and grandpas might have been. The potential is incredible.

It seems like you have a pretty active Twitter account. 

Yep, I like Twitter because it's simple. Social media in general is very cool, but there's a balance point. It's easy to get over-twittered or over-facebooked and then you are not living in the moment, instead you always feel like you are missing out on stuff and that everyone else is just killing it. For example, you used to go on a ski trip and be totally stoked. Now, you go on a ski trip and if the conditions aren't perfect but you are reading on twitter how good it is in the next state over, so you panic and go there and then it rains and the snow is ruined but yet it starts dumping where you just came from and you miss it! Sheesh! You can drive yourself crazy with too much information.

Any plans for this coming season?

I am just going to read Twitter and see where the snow is good and chase it there. No, just kidding. I am hoping to work with Matchstick again and get a full year in this time. I would really like to get to Alaska this season as I missed it big time last year. Also, I am hoping to get redemption on at least one snowmobile mission after the debacle I had last year when I burnt one down! 


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