Five-Question Interview: Josh Berman

Eye Trip, the newest ski movie from Level 1 Productions, debuts Friday, September 10th, at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. We spoke to Josh Berman, director/producer of the film, about the upcoming night of powder and debauchery and from our best guess, it will be a heck of a fun time.
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After a year of globe trotting documentation of the steep, the deep, the jibs, and the jumps of last ski season, Josh Berman, founder of Level 1 Productions, will have only one thing on his mind when the curtain drops at tomorrow’s world premiere of Eye Trip. But before that, he will have a million other thoughts about prepping for what could be the ski movie premiere (read: party) of the year. Located in Denver’s Five Points District, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom will play host to an evening of pro appearances, a screening of the film, and an afterparty with musical performances from members of Robot Pirate Monkey and Lion Souljahs. We snagged Berman and asked him about Friday night’s eye and ear trip. This is what he had to say.

Give us your pitch. Why should we be stoked about Eye Trip?

Eye Trip is just that—55 minutes of mind blowing skiing action and cinematography, and it’s certainly our most well rounded film to date. The pow is deeper, the mountains bigger, the jibs more creative and technical, and the jumps, well, the footage from our park shoots is pretty wild.

“Rapid progression” has been the only way to describe the past few years of skiing. What do you have to say about the progression of your movies?

A successful movie company in this day and age needs to keep pace with the action-—if you're not progressing your filmmaking abilities at the same rate, or faster, then you're falling behind. We're certainly doing our best to one-up ourselves from one year to the next, and I guess we'll be able to gauge our success or failure from the crowd reaction tomorrow night.

Should we be ready for any surprising athlete performances, locations, etc. in Eye Trip? Without totally giving away all the surprise, of course.

A few members of our crew really went after it this year and put together the best performances of their careers. You'll find out who, what, and where soon enough. And no, Warren Miller didn't make a special guest appearance in this year's film.

Talk about the venue. Do you think it will be a ski movie with an after party or a party with a pre ski movie or both?

Cervantes is an awesome venue, it's just big enough where we can accommodate the crowd we're expecting, but not too big that it won't provide for a great viewing experience for everyone. It’s still a ski film premiere with a party attached to it, and not the other way around, but people come to our premieres, especially our World Premiere, expecting a great party, and we do our best to give them one. This should work out especially well this year, considering that we're able to keep the film and the afterparty in the same place, and we've got some awesome music lined up for the show.

What is your last thought as the lights go out to begin a world premier of one of your movies?

I hope the computer doesn't crash in the middle of the screening.

Tickests are still available for the world premiere here or at the door. Show starts at 8 pm.


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