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Five Question Interview: Seth Morrison

Seth Morrison is featured in the new TGR film, Re:Session, and just signed on with a new sponsor, We spoke to him about Christmas shopping, early season groomers, and what it feels like to jump into a pile of foam.
Honorable Mention: Seth Morrison

Last weekend at Loveland, Colorado, a teenage boy tried to chase Seth Morrison down the groomers. He kept up for the most part—Seth was keeping his speeds relatively in check due to the crowds. But at the lift line, the teenager couldn’t maintain control, and came to a skidding halt when he clotheslined himself into a rope. Seth loaded the chair, seemingly oblivious. Just another day in the life of Seth Morrison, who’s featured in the new TGR film, Re:Session, and recently signed on with a new sponsor, We called Seth to talk about Christmas shopping, his early season training regime, and what it feels like to jump into a pile of foam blocks.

You signed with recently. Seems like a good sponsor to add.
They’ve got a team of high-end athletes. For me, it was a no brainer. Plus, I sometimes do my Christmas shopping there—they usually have the best deals, a great return program, and quick shipping. And it’s cool they’re based out of Salt Lake—it’s a good place for West Coast skiers to shop.

I saw you at Loveland last week. You enjoying the early-season groomers?
Yeah, they have one and a quarter run open at Loveland. I was just up there this morning. It was quite moist. It needs to get a couple degrees colder. It was wet snow. I usually go for a couple hours a day, just to slide around.

So that’s your pre-winter training plan?

I usually ski for a few hours, then I used to go the gym. But this year, I’m focusing on going to Woodward-at-Copper. I’d rather hike up stairs and hit a jump than go to a gym. I’m working on multiple flipping and multiple spinning kinds of tricks. I’ve had my fair share of crashes in the park. I’m done going to the park.

There’s less chance of injury when you’re launching into foam pits, right?
I’m sticking to the foam pits—they’re way softer. Yesterday, they refluffed the foam pits for the first time since they opened—they took all the blocks out, then put them back in. It was like landing in six feet of powder. It was so deep. It’s not for the claustrophobic.

What else are you up this week?

I’m going to a couple movie premieres for TGR. And waiting for more snowfall.


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