Five Websites That'll Help You Predict Powder Days

Finding your own tipping point for the season is easy if you live at a ski area; you just hang in there until the storms come and the game is on. But if you’re looking to hit a mountain just right on your next trip to snow country, you’ll want to be armed with some advance info. Here are five websites that let you do just that.
Silverton Mountain, Feb 2010 Suspicious of snow reports? Want to see what’s happening before your very own eyes? You can do a lot worse than logging onto Snoweye. This is truly a global experience, with links to webcams around the world. While Americans may decry the Euro-centric focus of the site, there’s something supremely satisfying about being able to see what’s happening in places as diverse as Japan and Cyprus. Not to mention France and Colorado. With a North American focus, this site offers a comprehensive picture of snowfall, weather patterns, and other key info, like average temperatures and total snowfall amounts so you can plan your last-minute ski trip confident that you’ll nail the goods. The Weather Underground offers global weather maps, satellite pictures and a wide variety of other data on a global scale. Historical models coupled with the latest forecasting methods mean it’s easy to see what has happened, is happening now, and is most likely to happen when it comes to scoring a powder day. No one watches snowfall, wind, weather, and storm cycles in the mountains with more enthusiasm and commitment than the guys in charge of avalanche control work. The Forest Service’s National Avalanche Center’s website has links to local forecast sites (choose the one closest to your next ski destination), all of which closely monitor weather and provide the most likely scenarios when it comes to snow or lack there:of. The only website that we know of that sends out email alerts anytime a big dump is coming. A guy who calls himself Powder Steve travels around the western U.S. looking for epic storms, and reports back to you where the snow is coming next and which resorts you should be hitting in order to chase the storms.


Turner Mountain, Montana

Private Powder

There’s no such thing as a secret stash anymore. So how do you keep your line fresh? Own it. It’s only $2,500 a day. You can do this at Turner Mountain.


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