Former Skiing Editor Nominated for Powder Video Awards

Former Skiing Magazine Editor Megan Michelson was nominated for Best Female Segment in the Powder Video Awards.

There is but one category for women in the Powder Video Awards, and one of our own skied her way to the nominations list.

A World Champion telemark skier, former editor Megan Michelson films with the crew at Powderwhore Productions. Megan’s segment is no lifestyle shoot in Breckenridge: she climbed, skinned, and skied her way up and down numerous spines in Alaska this past winter. All the time and energy was worth it— she landed on the list of nominations for Best Female Segment, among household names like Elyse Saugstad, Grete Eliassen, and Ingrid Backstrom.

Here’s what the Powderwhore Productions had to say about her performance:

“Every year on our film tour we get the comment “You need more women who rip in your films.” And we couldn’t agree more, our goal for several years has been to capture a mind blowing big mountain female segment. But, it’s not as if these ripping ladies are just standing around on the street corners waiting for us to finally film them. It’s just not that easy! You need a gal who has time off to ski without pay, knows herself and her abilities, really excels at skiing, hikes quickly, keeps her cool when she’s alone peering down a two thousand foot face and doesn’t mind being holed up in a smelly RV with a bunch of dudes. Now take a minute and honestly ask yourself how many women you know that can really fill those boots.”

Her segment speaks for itself. Congrats, Megan.