Freeride World Tour: Final Results at Squaw Valley

It was a dramatic few days at Squaw Valley, but the big-mountain competition took place Tuesday on Silverado. The men's ski winner was Sweden's Henrik Windsted; the women's ski winner was Jackie Paaso, a Squaw local who got a wild card to compete at the event. Here are final results and videos of the winning lines.
Tram Face Comp

After a canceled run on Sunday, the Freeride World Tour took place Monday with two runs on Squaw Valley's Silverado. Sweden's Henrik Windset, the 2008 Freeride World Tour Champion, won for the men's ski division by throwing a giant backflip off the start straight into a big 360, then hitting a 45-foot air, which he stuck. “The format ‘best of two runs’ was really great and very interesting," Henrik said after the event. "The riders where pushing the limits even further with two chances on the same face. Silverado is a great competition venue, not too dangerous, so we dare to go for it! I was really excited at the start and wanted to go as big as I could. I am really happy I stomped my backflip and 360 as well as the big cliff jump at the bottom.” France's Aurélian Ducroz, the 2009 overall winner, took second, and Sweden's Reine Barkered took third.

In the women's ski division, local girl Jackie Paaso, who qualified for the event through a wild-card nomination, stunned the crowds by landing the same 45-foot air many of the guys were hitting. “I just wanted to go bigger than the boys," Jackie said. "It felt good because I didn’t have a wild card until the last minute. I really wanted to prove myself.” Norway's Ane Enderud, the 2009 overall winner, took second, and Squaw's own Ingrid Backstrom took third. Check out complete results here.


Bec de Rosses

Freeride World Tour: Racer Julia Mancuso is Competing in the Verbier Xtreme

As if two Olympic silver medals wasn't enough, ski racer Julia Mancuso has decided to take on the Verbier Xtreme this weekend, the final stop on this year's Freeride World Tour. The venue for the big-mountain competition is the Bec de Rosses, a massive face filled with rocky cliff bands and no-fall zones. Find out why Julia is taking on the challenge.

Freeride World Tour, Socci

Freeride World Tour Video Clips

In our December issue, we take an in-depth look at the Freeride World Tour, an elite big-mountain competition now entering its third season. Here are some video highlights of last year's tour.

Verbier XTreme Podium

Verbier XTreme: Kaj Zackrisson Wins

After a weather delay on Saturday, the final event of the Freeride World Tour went off today for the 24 male skiers and snowboarders tackling Verbier's legendary Bec de Rosses. Sweden's Kaj Zackrisson won today's event, while France's Candide Thovex takes the top honors for the overall tour.

La Parva Freeskiing Champs

Freeskiing World Tour Kickoff

This week, the first North American stop of the Freeskiing World Tour takes place in Revelstoke, BC. We'll be covering the event from a competitor's point of view. But before we get to the actual skiing, here's a look at the kickoff party that took place on December 26 at Green Street in Salt Lake City.

Tram Face

Freeride World Tour: Coming to Squaw Valley's Tram Face This Weekend?

The Freeride World Tour, a European-based big-mountain competition, will make its only visit to the U.S this weekend when it comes to Squaw Valley, California. The competition is slated to take place on Sunday on the legendary Tram Face, a permanently closed venue filled with rocky cliffs and steep chutes. We spoke to Squaw locals and FWT competitors Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad about what to expect this weekend.