Freeskiers and Money

Ask Dr. Flake

Yo, spork hair! What's the deal with freeskiers and money?

Okay, okay. There's a rumor out there that freeskiers are rich, and this is true to an extent. According to Micah Black, Teton Gravity Research all-star, frequent IFSA winners make more than 100 grand, from $1,000 photo incentives, "team" salaries, prize purses, sponsor bonuses, and busting ass at summer ski camps. But there are probably less than a dozen such rock stars in America. Most freeskiers' taxable incomes amount to a paltry few Dead Presidents. They get paid in trip budgets and lots and lots of Gore-Tex. "In general, we're really underpaid," says Black. "But the people behind the desks don't feel too sorry for us." And duh! Have you seen Flake's Justy?