After spending all morning “catching up” on the lift or talking about pizza and French fries, skiers are likely to grab ketchup when it's time to add a little something extra to their lunch. But the cool kids—those who packed their own ham sandwich or spent the better part of their ski day hot doggin’ around the hill—know that the stuff in the yellow bottle is where it’s at.

Growing up, I was definitely in camp ketchup when it was time to eat, but as I’ve grown older—and, supposedly, wiser—I find myself more often than not reaching exclusively for mustard as my go-to lunch break condiment when skiing. And when the good folks at Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery dropped the news that they collaborated with French’s Mustard for a new beer, I had to seek it out.

French's Mustard Beer in a glass

It looks best in a tall glass.

Honestly, there is a lot going on with this beer. The can definitely claims it’s a Mustard Beer, but a little further down, in smaller font, there is a much more "craft" beer description of “Tropical wheat beer brewed with French’s Mustard and other natural flavors.”

The biggest wow factor came when I poured it in a glass: The hazy light yellow-gold tint is beautifully unique, and although Oskar Blues revolutionized craft beer in a can, this brew definitely warrants a nice tall glass in the sun to enjoy the color.

At first whiff, the aroma is more craft-beer-tropical than hot-dog-with-mustard. The overall taste of French's Mustard Beer is also more along the lines of "Vacation at the Beach" instead of "Ballpark Frank." The wheat beer is infused with key lime, tangerine, and passion fruit, which makes for a tart bite that is mellowed by the essence of French’s Yellow Mustard. The finish is smooth, but it was hard to get any notes of wheat between the tropical flavors and the mustard. 

Speaking of hot dogs, August 1 is National Mustard Day, which is the primary reason French’s Mustard created this beer. While the summer months and Southern Hemisphere travel restrictions might prevent most skiers from squiggling around on the ski hill on this date, you’re still highly encouraged to celebrate this holiday with a mustard-squiggled hot dog and a French's Mustard Beer.

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Mustard Beer Basted Sausages and Onions

A good looking serving of Mustard Beer Basted Sausages and Onions.

Or, if you want to cook up something a little more special for this definitely-not-just-another-social-media-holiday, French’s and Oskar Blues released five summer recipes to go with French’s Mustard Beer as well: Mustard Beer Basted Sausages with Onions, Beer & Mustard Marinated Flank Steak, Bacon Honey Mustard Beer Bread, Scotch Ale Beer Cheese, and Pale Ale & Mustard BBQ Pulled Chicken.

French’s Mustard Beer will be available at Oskar Blues taprooms in Boulder and Longmont, Colo., Brevard, N.C., and through CraftShack on August 1, 2020, for a limited time.

French's Mustard Beer Notes

French's Mustard Beer can

Find it while you can; it won't be around for long.

  • Beer Type: Tropical Wheat Beer brewed with French's Mustard
  • Flavor Notes: Key Lime, Passion Fruit, French's Yellow Mustard
  • Pairs Well With: Hot Doggin', Summertime Snacks off the Grill
  • ABV: 5.2% IBUs: N/A

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