From Lederhosen to Luxury

A new book charts the evolution of Austrian farmland into megaresorts.
Lederhosen to Luxury

The book is a trenchant look at what Weski calls a “well-oiled leisure machine.” But the elegies are premature. Granted, there’s no shortage of fast-food chains and tourist-driven RVs in busy pockets, but plenty of uncorrupted mountains remain. You just need to make it past the male strippers. [$33;]

The contrasts are stark. A photo showing a field of sheep sits across from a shot of a media scrum. Another of traditional dancers in lederhosen opposite bethonged Chippendales. A field of haystacks against a bottle-strewn outdoor concert venue.

In his new book, Off Piste: An Alpine Story, photographer Lois Hechenblaikner contrasts modern pictures of big Tyrolian tourism draws, like megaresort St. Anton, with scenes of pastoral life in the Alps taken by Armin Kniely in the mid-20th century. Hechenblaikner, who grew up in Austria’s Tyrol region, groups the pictures visually and thematically. In their introduction, art historian Wolfgang Ullrich and museum curator Thomas Weski shed some intellectual light on Hechenblaikner’s excellent pictures, but it’s superfluous. The photos alone serve as elegies for alpenhorns and yodeling.


Patrick Deneen

Five-Question Interview: Patrick Deneen

Get ready to hear the name Patrick Deneen a lot around the middle of February, because the Washington state-based mogul skier is gearing up to dominate at the Vancouver Olympics. Heather Hansman talked to him about heated rivalries, getting hated on by the judges, and his least favorite Olympic sport.

hot tub injuries

Hot-Tub-Related Injuries on the Rise

Now you can even get hurt off the slopes.

The surest way to cover your tracks.

Shelter from the Storm

Their backcountry cabin is a secret, illegally situated on government land. But they insist it’s an essential facility to be used in case of emergency. Oh, and it happens to be located among some of the world’s best ski touring. Are they selfish criminals or safety-minded altruists?

Powderwhores filming

Powderwhore’s “Breaking Trail”

New film has alpine skiers, snowboarders. Because you can tour on AT skis, too.

Van People tout

In A Van Down By The Bullwheel

With few places to sleep at the hill, the ski areas of the Pacific Northwest foster a tight- knit community of skiers who believe the best slopeside accommodations roll in on four wheels.

Cartoon of a man trimming trees for backcountry skiing.

Far From Backwoods

Granite Backcountry Alliance cuts trees to grow backcountry skiing in New Hampshire.

The other kind of backwoods jailbail. Skier: classified.

Shelter from the Storm

A photo gallery of a secret, illegal cabin in the backcountry of British Columbia.


Frozen, Hollywood’s Scariest Ski Movie

A new thriller looks at what happens when ski trips go wrong.