Games Galore

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Could it be that kids these days would rather grow up to be Ross Powers or Wendy Fisher than Mark Maguire or Mia Hamm? NBC seems to think so. Ergo, the Gravity Games, a new made-for-TV festival geared to cash in on the baggy-trousered world of alternative sports, lifestyle, and music. Think X Games, but with different logos. Slated to happen at Mammoth Mountain, California, January 20-23, 2000, and air on NBC in February, the Winter Gravity Games will showcase many of the biggest guns in freeskiing, snowboarding, and a handful of other aggressive winter sports. Do we really need another X Games, you ask? Perhaps not, but that's not stopping the athletes from signing up. Says freeskiing guru Shane McConkey, "It's about time these other sports got some exposure." Wish granted.