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Gear That Works

This is our stuff. We own it, use it, and believe in it too. We think you'll like it, too. Check out this video for interviews with the Skiing staff about why they picked mustard, boxed wine, and a flask as part of the Best Gear of the year.
Best Gear Feature

Here are a few interviews with the Skiing Magazine staff about their favorite pieces of gear. Mustard, boxed wine, and a flask? Check it out.


I loved the Langes I grew up in, but they hurt my shins. Last spring I stepped into a pair of Super Blasters. Wow, Langes have changed. The gel-padded tongue completely eliminates the Lange bang of old. But the coolest innovation is the third-buckle walk-mode switch. Flip it open for easy hiking, skinning, or base-village pub crawling. And the sole is also grippy for traction on the bootpack. [$580; langeski]  —Ben Rifkin

Best Gear: 101 of our Favorite Things

This is our stuff. We own it, use it, and believe in it. We think you'll like it, too.

Cliff Wine

Clif Bar's Clif Wine: A Review By An Underage Kid

The proper way to review a bottle of wine that’s made by a company that makes goo packets is…hell, I have no idea. Me? I cracked my bottle open and shared it with an underage kid.

Island Lake Lodge Cookbook

Island Lake Lodge's New Cookbook

You may come for the cat-skiing. But you'll likely stay for the food. Here's a recipe from new cookbook from a BC cat-skiing operation.

beer test

Beer Test Video

We've got an all-encompassing mountain microbrew finder coming your way on Skiing Interactive. Check out this video from our beer test, and see the great lengths we went to to fully understand ski town beers.


Why You Should Tailgate With Champagne

Why do we put bubbly on a pedestal? If it weren't for the upper crust or Jay-Z, we'd all be drinking it daily.

When it comes to keeping skiers warm, trust Norway’s Helly Hansen, which developed the first technical baselayers way back in the 1970s. Top and bottom both sport hydrophobic fibers that transport water away from your skin. Tiny patterns woven into the fabric facilitate the wicking. [$45 for the top, $55 for the bottomsl;]

Baselayers That Work

Good baselayers are the kind you don't notice: They'll wick sweat when you're hot, and keep you insulated when you're cold. If you haven't already, it's finally time to ditch those cotton baselayers. Here are eight options to upgrade your collection.

Ski Resorts That are Still Open

Ski Areas That are Still Open

Find out what's still open and where to find the best deals and parties.

If you are lucky and can sneak away from work to ski powder, why call in sick? Mobile devices have created the ability to bring the office to the slopes. However, my cardinal rule is to shut everything off when going downhill. The last thing you want is a cell phone ringing through your face shots and spoiling an epic run. The most ludicrous move I have made was to jump into Vail’s back with 18 inches of fresh powder just 15 minutes from a mandatory conference call. With no cell signal in the Bowls I jumped on the Tea Cup Express and raced into the lift shack joined the conference, muted the speaker, and ran out for another deep run. I got 3 laps and still got credit for being on the call.

Skip Work, Ski Powder

How to be a ski bum and keep your corporate job, including the five best cities for skiers and ten tips for power chasing.