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Get Hairy for Charity

Take the Skiing Magazine Stache Dash challenge to raise money for cancer research.
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Skiing Magazine invites you to join the second annual Stache Dash, a ski-industry partnership with the Movember foundation to help beat cancers affecting men. All you need to do is create or join an industry team, cultivate a moustache during November, and spread the word.

The Skiing MagazineStache Dash is open to all: readers, ski-industry brands, shops, athletes, sales reps, resorts—anyone who likes skiing, lip caterpillars, and cancer fighting. Join a team or start your own. Share the cause with friends and watch the donations pile up like the first fat flakes of winter. Together, we’ll make sure cancer gets a good kick in the snowballs.

Follow these simple steps to join the moustachery:

  1. - Register for Movember and create/join your team. - Come back here to keep track of how you stack up against the rest of the industry- Weekly ‘stache evolution photos are highly encouraged—we’ll use them to show off your efforts.
    1. - Mention us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use #SkiingStacheDash
  2. - Once you create your MoSpace page, search for, and join, the Skiing Magazine Stache Dash challenge (as team captain, you can join the Stache Dash for the entire team)

Remember, your faces must be clean-shaven November 1, and you must grow your spectacular (or not-so-spectacular) ‘stache until November 31.


Bella Coola, BC. 2003

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