Girls Night Out: Bars to Hit When You're With Your Chicks

Ski towns are infamous for having way more dudes than ladies around. Check these bars out to make sure you don't get hit on more than you want to.
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Photo: Dan Campbell, Park City Chamber of Commerce

BBK, Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia:

Escape the meat market that surrounds North America’s biggest vertical at this cozy, 20-seat pub. Come ladies’ night, you can sip on a Cosmo, nibble on Chef Bernard Guillas’ gourmet cuisine and watch local musicians perform live from one of the bar’s two perfectly angled burgundy loveseats.

What to order:

The Caesar, a Bloody Mary-like concoction made from tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, olives and spicy beans.

What not to do:

Don’t wear your high heels—you’ll look like a cougar who has come to prowl on the trio of male bartenders.

The Goat Soup and Whiskey Tavern, Keystone, CO:

The bartenders here say that this Keystone townie bar’s male-to-female ratio is close to 8:1 so come party with the town’s best pro skiers and upshow them at foosball and pool. The tavern’s split in two: the ‘light side’ features a slopeside patio and the ‘dark side’ is where local bands jam until last call.

What to order:

Dewsicle, a fruity, vodka-based drink named after one of the tavern’s flirty bartender/skiers.

What not to do:

Don’t talk smack to the local girls—they play rough and are eager to throw a punch.

Snake River Brew Pub, Jackson, WY:

The only East Coast investor you’ll find in this bar is one who can tear down a double black diamond and huck a 30-foot cliff. Look for the locals sporting sticker-covered brew mugs. They’re members of the elite 200 and the best bet for an authentic Jackson experience.

What to order:

The Snake River Pale Ale, an aromatic pale ale that sports a floral finish.

What not to do:

Don’t ask for a New Belgium beer.

The Wobbly Barn Steakhouse, Killington, VT:

Each Halloween, this three-story, more than 45-year-old establishment opens its doors to costume-clad, foot-tapping pro skiers. Gnaw down on free nachos and shimmy until the barn wobbles.

What to order:

The Turbo, a pint glass full of Stoli Ohranj, 7-Up, and orange juice.

What not to do:

Steer clear of the New Yawkers sporting starter jackets and jeans.

World Famous Harry O’s, Park City, Utah:

This upscale nightclub is more Vegas than Ogden so don your heels and head to this Sundance hot spot that’s home to some of Utah’s most sizzling, booty-shaking music shows—Nas and Snoop Dogg both played there this year.

What to order:

A Twiskey on the rocks, it’s a double shot of Crown and Patron.

What not to do:

Don’t be a snow bunny and rock your goggles inside


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