Skier Superpipe to be Included at X Games

Two new events—male skier superpipe and snowmobile knockout—are added to the roster for the 2010 Winter X Games, planned for January 28-31 at Buttermilk in Aspen, Colorado. Plans don’t yet include women’s superpipe. We asked X Games competitor Jess Cummings why.

This winter’s X Games, taking place from January 28 to 31, at Buttermilk in Aspen, presents two new events, superpipe big air for skiers and snowmobile knockout. Both events evaluate distance: The snowmobile knockout eliminates a rider in each round who goes the smallest distance on a jump, while the superpipe big air event allows six skiers a 30-minute session to set the record for the highest air out of the superpipe.

These days X Games’ female skiers are boosting 12 to 15 feet out of the pipe and the guys are going anywhere from 15 to 20 feet. This year with the addition of superpipe big air, X Games viewers will get the chance to watch their favorite male skiers compete for the highest air out of the superpipe. Currently there is no inclusion of females in this event.

X Games competitor Jess Cummings says, “It will be interesting to see what happens with this contest. The athletes are already going so big in the superpipe, with a special event that pushes the focus toward going as big a possible, I am sure we will see some amazing records.” Although only a male superpipe big air competition is planned for this year, Jess believes that a ladies’ event is not far off in the future. “The men are definitely pushing the limits in airing out of the pipe, but the women are not far behind,” Cummings says. “This year the superpipe at Copper (a training pipe where a lot of X Games athletes train) is a 22-foot pipe, which promotes skiers, both male and female, to go bigger and try more difficult tricks. We are all training to get further out of the pipe, so it seems likely that men and women would be included in this new event.”