HEAD Racing Team Welcomes Hermann Maier

Publish date:

June 2007
(News Release) - Johan Eliasch, CEO HEAD NV, welcomes Hermann Maier to the "HEAD Family and expresses his sincere happiness about the decision of the 34-year-old: "Hermann Maier has always been an absolute superstar. When we decided one year ago to give elite sports as the main driver of innovation an absolute priority in the course of the re-positioning of HEAD and to reorganise the team, Hermann Maier was on top of my wishlist — he simply is a phenomenal skiing athlete.

Maier perfectly represents the brand HEAD — as Miller, Cuche & Co.
Klaus Hotter, Executive Vice President HEAD Skiing Division, is also convinced that the exceptional athlete from Salzburg with an outstanding personality is a perfect fit for the existing strong team, which assembles such charismatic athletes like Bode Miller, Didier Cuche, and Marco Büchel. Like them, Hermann Maier embodies the character of the brand HEAD. "Apart from a clear claim to leadership regarding technology and innovation, HEAD stands for the emotion and passion for sports. This is 100% true for Hermann Maier, who has become an almost supernatural figure due to his exceptional skills and unique career.

Rainer Salzgeber: Happiness and respect for Maier's decision
HEAD Racing Director Rainer Salzgeber holds Hermann Maier's step in high regard — as a former à–SV-Athlete, he understands that the experienced sportsman has taken his time for the decision and is fully convinced that it has been the right one: "A change of material can boost your spirits and be a new and crucial motivator for experienced athletes — as demonstrated convincingly by Didier Cuche. He was more successful with HEAD in the past season than ever before in his career and has never thought of ending it.