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Hot-Tub-Related Injuries on the Rise

Now you can even get hurt off the slopes.
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hot tub injuries

Bad news, bubble lovers. Hot tubs are scary places, and not just because of bacteria.

Hot tub injuries are on the rise, according to a study published in this month’s American Journal ofPreventative Medicine. Emergency rooms saw 6,600 hot tub related injuries in 2007, up 160 percent from 1990 when the study started.

So what does that mean for your après-ski soak?Next time you’re boozing in the tub you might want to take it easy on the chicken fights. More than half of the injuries were slip and fall related.

On the positive side, less than one percent of the injuries were suction drain related if, um, you’re into that kind of thing.

Science dorks find the article here.


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