How They Got the Shot: Photographer Mark Fisher

Skiing Magazine chatted with Fisher about this shot, which made it into the magazine's December 2008 "Best Shots of the Year" photo gallery.


Mark Fisher

weren’t a photographer, he’d be a Chip ’n Dales dancer. Lucky for us (and too bad for the cougars at Chip ’n Dales), he’s got a career behind the lens. His images are distinctly Fisher-esque. “I like getting intimate with the action, shooting wide angles and playing with motion and strobes,” he says.


Magazine contributor William Drumm spoke to Fisher about this

“Best of the Year” shot

of skier Jeremy Nobis in Haines, Alaska, from the December 2008 issue.

SKIING: Can you tell us a bit about this photo?

We were in Haines, Alaska, and the snow was terrible. We spent all day looking for a good spot; finally we found a little gully of powder and knew that would be our shot.

SKIING: How difficult was it to get the shot?

It was actually pretty easy after we finally found our location. After spending a whole day looking for the snow, we finished the whole shoot in about 45 minutes.

SKIING: What do you like about this photo?

I love the feel of it, the soft back light, and the powder. It just has a great feel to it.

SKIING: What advice would you give to photographers to get a shot like this?

Even when you are having a hard time finding the snow and the shot you want, keep looking. We found this tiny gully of good powder after searching all day. If you don’t give up, you can always find something to work with and pull it off.



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