How to Throw a Nose Butter 540

John Symms gives you tips for pulling off nose butter 540s: Carve, pop, spin, land. Easy as that.

1. Find a knoll with an uphill approach and an abrupt drop-off landing. Start a gentle carve in the direction you’re going to spin. Flex your ankles, pressuring the front of your boots and loading the tips of your skis.

2. Pop…kind of. Before you reach the crest of the knoll, set your rotation as if you were doing a regular 540. Hop a little—keeping pressure on the front of your boots and skis—and rotate 180 degrees. This hop will help clear your feet from the snow and prevent you from catching an edge.

3. Once you’re facing backward, keep rotating as you thrust your weight forward. Feel your skis flexing, like when you were a kid and tried to stand on the tips of your skis. Once your skis are loaded, pop forward and spring off. This will get you airborne and ready to complete the trick.

4. Spot your landing when you’ve spun 360 degrees. Continue rotating and land backward at 540. On your first few tries, you might not get the pop you need to complete the rotation. No big deal. Just put the landing gear down at 360 until you’re comfortable continuing the spin.

5. Once you land, continue rotating your body from the neck down in the direction of the trick for another 90 degrees. Allow your arms and hands to rotate until your leading hand comes to rest behind your hips, and your trailing hand in front. You’ll be facing uphill, but look downhill over the shoulder that led the spin. (Don’t look against your rotation.)

What Not To Do
Set your bindings at DIN five. Bend over too much at the waist. Forget to look up at the chairlift to check for props from spectators.

John Symms has appeared in films by Poor Boyz Productions and Warren Miller.



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