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Valle Nevado Image Quest

Learn how to shoot action ski photos
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It seemed like a good idea at first, buying that fancy new DSLR camera with all the bells and whistles. You ate ramen for months saving for it. You researched all the right specs. You became an expert on a photo forum. But after two months of relying on auto-focus and guess work, your Instagram photos still turn out better.

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Photo: Tom Winter

It turns out technology still won’t make you shoot like Grant Gunderson, but for less than a solid camera body and a few lenses, you can get Gunderson to teach you his tricks. This September, renowned photographers Gunderson, Nils Schlebusch and Tom Winter are putting on the Image Quest photography camp at Valle Nevado, Chile. The camp is designed to up your photo game in one of the most surreal settings on Earth—the Chilean Andes.

“We want to give people the knowledge and experiences in a week that took us three to five years to figure out,” says Winter. After the camp, participants should have the building blocks to “go pro” according to Winter, or at least be able to produce what he calls “prosumer” level photography.

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Photo: Tom Winter

Campers will also have the added benefit of shooting athletes hand selected by the instructors. When combined with what Winter describes as “alpenglow-drenched landscapes right out your hotel room window,” participants are almost guaranteed to get shots they’ll remember for a lifetime.

The camp itself costs $500, and there are discounts available through LAN airlines for lodging and accommodations.

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Photo: Tom Winter

So if you’re looking for a chance to expand your photo skills while sneaking in some skiing in September the Image Quest might be a good option. Still not sold? Winter says he’ll help you up your Instagram game too.

For more info on the camp and rates click HERE.


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