Inside the X Games

Party Scene
X Games 2004

Not only did the stunts surpass our greatest expectations, but the nightlife rocked just as hard. The

Powder Magazine

party was jam packed with athletes and Club Chelsea was booming. The

Details Magazine

party at Belly Up was an awesome follow-up to the AWOL quarter pipe demo that featured music by Unwritten Law. This year's X Games was off the chain and here's video and photos to prove it.

Check out the links below for exclusive interviews with Tanner Hall, Jen Hudak, Uncle E, a snow bunny and more.

Those lucky souls who got to go to the X Games, may have been caught on camera. Look at the slideshows below, we may have photographed you and your friends at the Games.

The competition at the X Games was filled with surprises and upsets. Tanner Hall goes for an unprecedented 4-peat victory in slopestyle. Women's skier X shines the light on a new group of competitors. In a controversial ending, two brothers take top honors on the podium of men's skier X. Women compete for the first time in skier superpipe. For the full stories of these and other X Games results, check out the

And the Winner Is...

collection below.

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Charles Gagnier: QT or WMP
Tanner Hall: QT or WMP
Jen Hudak: QT or WMP
Marie Martinod-Routin: QT or WMP
TJ Schiller: QT or WMP
Jamie Sundberg: QT or WMP
Uncle E: QT or WMP
Stephanie, the Snow Bunny: QT or WMP.

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Jess Cummings Action shot

Skier Superpipe to be Included at X Games

Two new events—male skier superpipe and snowmobile knockout—are added to the roster for the 2010 Winter X Games, planned for January 28-31 at Buttermilk in Aspen, Colorado. Plans don’t yet include women’s superpipe. We asked X Games competitor Jess Cummings why.

Anna Segal X Games

X Games: An Interview with Anna Segal

Pro freeskier Michelle Parker talks to last year's X Games women's slopestyle winner Anna Segal—who's sitting out this weekend's competition in Aspen due to a knee injury—about teddy bears, after parties, and her picks for top three men and women in slope and pipe.

Oakley House

X Games: Bottles and Models

An inside look into the Oakley athlete mansion and a conversation with Tanner Hall.