Is the ski bunny dead?

Ask Dr. Flake

The "ski bunny (skee bun-nee) originated in the James Bond '60s, when it was okay to objectify women as playthings for playboys. Over the next two decades, the bronzed, Coors-guzzling waif snowplowed her way into our hearts and A-frames, until today's ripping women pretty much blew her off the slopes. Now, a web search reveals that the last remaining ski bunny is a ceramic figurine of a schussing rabbit. Wearing a hat and scarf, and sold by a company that also makes religious trinkets, it holds no prurient interest whatsoever. But don't go cursing Title IX. In Dr. Flake's humble opinion, nothing is sexier than a powerful female freeskier—especially when she's wearing a deep V-neck.