It's Always Sunny in Switzerland

Last year, writer Tim Neville decided to do what many dream of but never have the guts to see through: pack up his tidy life in Bend, Oregon, and relocate to Europe with his pregnant wife and their cat, Puddy. He put their belongings in a shipping container and e-mailed to say he was moving to Bern, Switzerland. We were intrigued. But it wasn’t until the dream went to hell that we hired him to write It’s Always Sunny in Switzerland—a column in six parts.


The housewives and I hit the skin track.

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland (Gallery 2)

Writer Tim Neville moved from Oregon to Switzerland, where he writes a monthly back-page column for us. Here are photos he snapped of his life in Switzerland.

Aaron Karitis at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland, Part 6: Halfway Home

The last column in writer Tim Neville's six-part series on living as an American in Switzerland. In this column, he returns home for a trip to Bend, Oregon, and nearly doesn't leave.

Martin Webrant in Davos, Switzerland.

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland: Business Time

In Switzerland, a bluebird powder day when nothing’s been groomed means ready, set…panic? Part four of writer Tim Neville's six-part series.

Sunny in Switz 1

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland, Part 1

Skiing’s new columnist Tim Neville uprooted himself and his pregnant wife from their home in Bend, Oregon, and moved to Switzerland to ski. He gives us his story in six installments. Here is his first.

If you can read this, you're just close enough.

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland, Part 3: My Bros, the Hausfrauen

Finding a ski buddy in ski-mad Switzerland is harder than you think.

Sunny in Switz 6

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland (Gallery 1)

Step 1: Move your family to Switzerland. Step 2. Make sure all your belongings arrive. Step 3. Go skiing. Step 4. Take some photos to show the folks back home what they're missing.

iasis nov

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland, Part 2: The Cheese Skis Alone

Tim Neville makes his first turns in Switzerland. Alone.

Going Native in Switzerland

It's Always Sunny in Switzerland, Part 5: The Non-Natives Are Restless

Falling in with a tribe of expats who went a little too local. Tim Neville, an Oregon expat who moved to Switzerland to live the dream, is writing a six-part column for us. This is his fifth story in the series.