Jordan Manley's Gallery Opening

The Whistler ski photographer debuts his first gallery exhibit.

Ski photographer Jordan Manley is on a roll. Last year, he won Skiing magazine’s Portillo Photo Challenge, Whistler’s Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival Pro Photographer Showdown, and nabbed the covers of both Skiing and Powder. Now, the 24-year-old Whistler local has opened his first gallery exhibit. The opening night at Whistler’s Millennium Palace was September 8, and the exhibit will showcase until the end of October. We spoke to Manley about the show. View some of his photos HERE.

Is there a theme to the collection?

Manley: The common theme is really that they are some of my favorite images. I included mountain bike, ski, and scenic images, from Alaska to Antarctica, but I also included a lot from between Vancouver and Whistler, as that is my home, and has been the most influential place for my photography.

What’s it like having your imagery up on the wall in a gallery for the first time?

Manley: For my first gallery opening, it’s great to have it in Whistler and know that the local crowd appreciates seeing images of life in the mountains. I did a few big canvas prints, so as a photographer, it’s rewarding to see your work presented in a large format. I think large pieces help give the viewer a better connection with the image when they are standing in front of it.

Do skiers buy art?

Manley: I’m not sure what has sold yet, the gallery takes care of that. Buyers come in the form of skiers and tourists alike, Whistler has a big mix of people and hopefully what I chose to show will inspire both.