Jump! Katal Landing Pad, Training Camp Coming to Mammoth Mountain May 22

Want to practice hucking jumps safely, and without the icy landing? Mammoth Mountain, California, has teamed with Katal Innovations to bring a Katal Landing Pad—a massive, inflatable airbag—to Mammoth from May 22-31.

What’s 50 feet wide by 90 feet long and can help you with the new tricks you want to learn? (Hint: It’s not your mom.) The Katal Landing Pad is five feet thick and covers the entire surface area of a jump after takeoff so you can practice all those new tricks you saw in last year’s Warren Miller film—without the icy landing.

The Katal Landing Pad will be at Mammoth Mountain from May 22-31 for your tricking pleasure.

What’s special about the Landing Pad which differentiates from typical foam pits used for jumping, the Pad allows users to ride-out their landings to more closely simulate an actual jump landing.

The Katal Landing Pad will be installed on a custom jump and will feature three takeoffs ranging from 10-60 feet. To access the Landing Pad, grab a pass at the Main Lodge ticket window, then head up the Face Lift Express.

Mammoth Mountain Training Camp
Additionally, Mammoth’s Snowboard and Freeride Ski Teams will be offering training camps that are open to the public. Enrollment includes instruction from team members, daily video review and unlimited use of the Katal Landing Pad.

Mammoth Mountain Training Camp Dates
May 22-23 – Weekend Session – $250

May 24-28 – Weekday Session – $625

May 29-31 – Holiday Weekend Session – $375

Mammoth Mountain Training Camp Schedule
10am – 2pm — Katal Landing Pad session
2pm – 3pm — on-snow training
3pm – 4pm — video review session

Check out the very cool video on the Katal Landing Pad below

The Landing Pad from satchele Burns on Vimeo.