KGB Productions Cutting Room Floor Episode 1

Every year KGB Productions shoots literally hundreds of hours of footage. And although they pour their heart and soul into every shot, in reality only 3 percent of it makes the final cut. The remaining 97 percent ends up on the Cutting Room Floor.
KBG floor

Here's what the KGB guys have to say about it" "We started filming for Wyoming Triumph in late Spring of 2009. CRF-1 is a handful of shots from that first month of filming. We were playing with camera settings to come up with a filming aesthetic we liked for the movie and working with a handful of new athletes. Because of these and many factors these shots became a distant memory. Cinematicly and aesthetically these shots did not work for us on many levels but the athleticism in the shots is high and you can tell we were having fun trying to figure it all out."

We'll have three more episodes between now and Christmas. 


KGB Trailer

KGB Productions presents ‘Wyoming Triumph'

Two years ago we set out on a mission to scout the vast and mostly unskied terrain of our home state, Wyoming. Towns and mountains where more people own an elk rifle than a pair of skis. Following countless broken bones, close calls and getting lost we returned home with a story.