KGB Productions presents ‘Wyoming Triumph'

Two years ago we set out on a mission to scout the vast and mostly unskied terrain of our home state, Wyoming. Towns and mountains where more people own an elk rifle than a pair of skis. Following countless broken bones, close calls and getting lost we returned home with a story.
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Take a journey deep into the mountains of Wyoming, with a group of hard-charging, dedicated skiers and watch as they explore the state with the most rugged and remote terrain in the lower forty-eight.

Shot over the course of two years, Wyoming Triumph is a grassroots film featuring a veteran and a youthful band of ski and snowboard friends and professionals who travel throughout the great, big, mountainous backcountry terrain of Wyoming in search of fresh lines and remote locations. Filmed entirely in Wyoming, the film

not only explores the drive of a unique group of passionate individuals, but also takes the viewer on a Wild West journey through parts of the "Old West" that still exist while documenting the vast, winter terrain Wyoming has to offer in a progressive cinematic format.

Wyoming Triumph will captivate and inspire. You will laugh, you will feel passion, and you may well cry.

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Boulder, CO. - The Dairy Center for the Arts - 12/1/11

Denver, CO. - The Oriental Theater - 12/2/11

Durango, CO. - Abbey Theater - 12/7/11


Boise, ID. - Egyptian Theater - 12/7/11

Ketchum, ID. - Sun Valley Opera House - 12/7/11

Victor, ID. - Playhouse - 12/16/11


Boston, MA - TBA $10 - 1/25/12 - 730pm


Bozeman, MT. The Emerson Theater - 12/6/11

Missoula, MT. - Wilma Theater - 11/30/11


Park City, UT. - Jim Santy Auditorium - 12/13/11

Salt Lake City, UT. - Brewvies Cinema Pup - 12/14/11

Park City, UT - Jim Santy Auditorium $10 Benefit for UAC - 1/05/12 - 730pm


Cheyenne, WY. - TBD - 12/3/11

Laramie, WY. - Laramie Plains Civic Center - 12/8/11


Walla Walla, WA - Whitman College - 2/01/12 - 730pm

Seattle, WA - The Mountaineers $10 Benefit for NWAC - 2/03/12 - 7:30pm

Bellingham, WA - WWU - 2/09/12 - TBA

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Located in Jackson, WY, since 2006, our environment is our constant source of inspiration and we reflect this through authentic stories and powerful imagery. KGB brings high production value to remote locations, rugged terrain and harsh environments. We aim to educate, inspire and entertain with our video content.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based KGB Productions has a new ski movie out next fall called Wyoming Triumph. Check out the film trailer below, and our interivew with KGB producer Sam Pope on the next few slides.Most ski films travel all over the world to get footage. But you stayed in Wyoming. Why was that? Sam Pope: This concept developed over several years of taking small trips here and there around Wyoming, including  the Wind Rivers, the Wyoming Range, the Snake River Range, the Gros Ventres, the Absorokas, even the west side of the Tetons. We began to realize that there was something special here. The other part of it is just what you said. Other production companies are going on these insanely exotic ski trips all over the world. We want to make the point that we have terrain that good, right here in our backyard of Wyoming. Kind of a "keep it local" thing. The skiing just as good, but the experience is a little more organic. And that's important to us. 

Wyoming Triumph Ski Movie to Debut Fall 2010

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based KGB Productions has a new ski movie out next fall called Wyoming Triumph, which is all shot in their backyard—the Tetons. We spoke to KGB's Sam Pope about making a local ski movie and how they got the film sponsored by a whiskey company.

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KGB Productions Cutting Room Floor Episode 1

Every year KGB Productions shoots literally hundreds of hours of footage. And although they pour their heart and soul into every shot, in reality only 3 percent of it makes the final cut. The remaining 97 percent ends up on the Cutting Room Floor.