Kicking Horse to Get Bigger

The already-huge big mountain paradise gracing Golden B.C. will be getting a hell of a lot more terrain and lifts.
Kicking Horse

Gordon Campbell, famous for drinking and driving in Hawaii less so for being British Columbia's highest-ranking politician, personally green-lit Kicking Horse's further development. The name of said plan? The not-even-remotely-sinister "Master Plan." The plan includes 11 proposed lifts, expanding the terrain for a total of 4,188 skiable acres, 20,000 hotel rooms, and a trail system and golf course for summer. Not bad, eh.


On a powder day, head out on CPR ridge, and go far, far down (you may think you’ve gone too far, but when a local blows by you at full speed, keep following her direction). Drop to your right for steep, soft trees, and at the bottom, keep heading right, waaay right, for soft snow all the way down. At the bottom you will funnel back to the base. 

Secrets of Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, BC, has few lifts, and it's not known for nightlife, lodging, shopping or even ease of access. What it is known for is a lot of dramatic, serious terrain. A few tips to maximize your trip.

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Park, Ride, Repeat

Maybe it’s those nice girls from the bar knocking on your door in the parking lot at 2 a.m. Maybe it’s the cops. Do you answer? An RV ski safari is all about choices.