Last Chair: February 2003

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Last Chair: February 2003

Facing a drop in enrollment, the U.S. Ski Patrol (USSP) has launched a recruitment campaign, the X-Ray Games. "With so many kids throwing 690's and missing their rotations, we've got an untapped workforce that's already very familiar with spiral fractures, concussions, and ACL pops," says USSP executive director Jim Holdentube. "They're practically premed." To bring the seemingly disparate groups together, USSP has set up more than a dozen X-Ray event sites-most attached to existing terrain parks. "When a new schooler gets dinged, we send a guy with a sled over the gap jump. He picks up the victim and then throws a medix cross (shown above) over a tabletop," says Holdentube. "Sure, the victims suffer a bit on the landing-but what's another fracture to these kids, anyway? More often than not, they're like, 'Dude, that was sick. Do it again.' Those are the guys we want."