Last Chair: January 2003

Last Chair


Survivor “Mountain high” rough cut
Avalanche experts have long harped that you can’t outrun the blast wave of a large slide smoking downhill in excess of 100 miles per hour. But we convinced two ponytailed L.A. producers that this was “just an old wives’ tale.” After all, we had a TV show to make, damn it. In exchange for a $5 million guarantee, we rounded up some volunteers (well, interns anyway) and sent them down a couloir. Then we tossed in a hand charge. We think we’ll give Jackass: The Movie a run for its money. Here’s how things played out.

The Extréme Tuber
All that agonizing over which tube-the Goodyear? the Pirelli?-was really a waste of time. The dreaded “third bounce” knocked him off and, seconds later, he was crushed. The jester hat was recovered.

The Freeskier
We had high hopes for our skier, though we did send him down on 15-year-old rental skis and bindings set to 3. In an uncontrollable bout of old-school-itis, he started making short-swing turns with a big grin on his face. The helmet was recovered.

The So-Cal Poacher
Actually, this guy was just standing at the top of the chute, headphones blaring. So we pointed at our camera, gave him a thumbs-up and he dove in. Video analysis later showed that the increased drag of a large Ziploc in his coat was responsible for his demise. The baggie was recovered.