Beer for Skiers: 10 Barrel Brewing Profuse Juice

This new entry in the hazy IPA category has already won gold from the North American Brewers Association.

Although many Americans consider Labor Day Weekend to be the end of summer, the actual summer season doesn’t officially end until the Autumn equinox on September 23, 2019. Even after this date, more likely than not, warm temps will make at least one resounding reappearance. This second summer will cause overly dramatic panic in anxious ski communities*, but brief bliss for surfing and mountain bike crowds who get another chance to bask in the sun before the snowflakes start to accumulate.

For this final celebration of warmth, there’s no better way to cheers a long ride, grueling run, or the perfect wave than with a super tasty hazy IPA. 10 Barrel Brewing’s Profuse Juice is just the ticket for the official end of summer and the start of autumn. With overwhelming tropical notes on the nose, pleasant full-bodied hoppy tartness on the tongue, and a juicy, semi-dry finish, Profuse Juice contains just enough tropical aloha vibes to warm the bones before a (hopefully) long winter.

White box with pictures of cans
The 10 Barrel Brewing Profuse Juice 6-pack. Photo: Courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing

With “profuse” in the name, it’s no surprise that the beer is a lot. But don’t be intimidated by the name or the Oregon-based brewery’s claim it “drinks like juice.” It tastes like beer with some heavy tropical hop notes. There is no added fruit and it’s not profuse like a double imperial IPA. It’s just a fun name for a fun, unique beer that you should definitely try.

Profuse Juice did win Gold at the 2019 North American Brewer’s Association (NABA) International Beer Awards held in Idaho last spring, a key indicator that this beer is more than the brewery’s dabble in the trendy hazy IPA category. And, like a number of award-winning hazy IPAs, this beer feels clean and smooth on the tongue, without any sort of residue or funk.

10 Barrel Brewing Profuse Juice

White and purple can
Photo: Courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing
  • Beer type: Hazy IPA
  • Color: Thick golden hay
  • Flavor Profile
    • Juicy hop flavor
    • Drinks like juice
    • Tropical notes
  • ABV: 6.5% IBUs: 70
  • Pairs well with: Wetsuits and waiting for winter while enjoying the season you’re in
  • Availability: Year-round

*If you feel a need to panic about a second summer, just remember it usually means that the coming winter is going to be especially good.