Lifted in Jackson Hole

Every so often something good comes out of an injury.
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Two seasons ago Tim Swartz broke his femur while snowmobiling and skiing in Cooke City. Multiple surgeries, a long recovery and lots of days wondering if he would ever be able to ski again, Tim decided to buy a drone.

This past season he was back on the slopes and while he may not have been charging as hard as before he kept himself busy getting footie for the boys. Bringing a whole new perspective to classic Jackson Hole lines, Tim captured the local crew from the air.


On a powder day, hit up the gondola early, and ski down under the lift for pillow drops, trees, and powdery fields while everyone else waits in tram line.

Five Secrets to Skiing Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, with its storied red tram, and huge vertical and cliffs has a reputation as an icon of skiing the world over. But at its heart, Jackson is just like every ski town, with local ins and outs that make life easier (and better). Here’s a few tips to optimize the experience.


A Tour of Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole has some of the most extreme terrain in the country. With that comes plenty of views, smiles, beer, and fun. Check out this photo essay here.