Lost Trail Powder Mountain

Glades, cliffs, and pillow lines on the Idaho-Montana border.
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Lost Trail 2011

Straddling the Idaho–Montana border in the Bitterroot Mountains, Lost Trail serves up glades, cliffs, and pillow lines—and deep, dry snow. Because Lost Trail is closed Monday through Wednesday, when the lifts start spinning on Thursday, the whole place is untracked. The resort has an old-school vibe and it’s not uncommon to see travelers camping in the parking lot and bag lunches in the cafeteria. There isn’t a scene really—no lodging or restaurants—just tons of snow. If only the rest of life were this simple.


Turner Mountain, Montana

Private Powder

There’s no such thing as a secret stash anymore. So how do you keep your line fresh? Own it. It’s only $2,500 a day. You can do this at Turner Mountain.

Montana: Come for the militias, stay for the powder. Erik Lovold, gunning through Big Sky.

Private Powder at Big Sky

Starting this winter, Big Sky, Montana, is offering a chance for guided early tram rides at 8 a.m., a whole hour before the masses. We spoke with director of snowsports, Troy Nedved, to see if the program also includes shooting the Howitzer (it doesn't).

Headwaters Grille at Moonlight Basin will be preparing a special Valentine's Day dinner for you and your sweetheart. Call the Mountain Concierge at (406) 995-7716 for reservations.Photo Courtesy of Moonlight Basin

Moonlight Basin

By 2010, Moonlight plans to lower its base by a quarter mile, giving the mountain more vertical than Big Sky.