Matchstick Productions Releases Trailer

If you're not already psyched for next winter, MSP's "Attack of La Nina" will rile you up.

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Where you are, it’s probably 99 degrees outside. You’re probably sweating just thinking about walking to the mailbox. You went skiing on the 4th of July, but you just put away your skis for the summer, trading them in for a mountain bike or fishing pole.

But, can we all just take a moment and remember last season, in all of it’s glory? Nearly every ski town in North America— Squaw Valley, Whistler, Mammoth, Breckenridge, Snowbird— was hammered with the white stuff, all. Season. Long. 26 inches here; 32 inches there; a whopping 45 inches at Squaw overnight. It just wouldn’t stop.

In the middle of a wet, hot, North American summer, Matchstick Production’s trailer release comes as a welcome breath of winter. Their upcoming flick, “Attack of La Nina,” is an homage to the season we all just enjoyed.

Is it January yet?

Watch the trailer here.