Meet the Testers: Georgie Bremner

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Name: Georgie Bremner

Age: 39

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 140

Home hill: Buttermilk, CO

Day Job: Ski School Manager, PSIA examiner

What makes you qualified to test?: Ski with the consumer every day.

Skiing background: Variety of countries and snow conditions.

Favorite type of terrain: Love it all.

Ideal ski: Something that makes me feel confident to ski challenging lines without effort.

Favorite part of the Skiing mag ski test: Hearing the debrief. Each tester has such great form, I love hearing why a ski I wasn't fussed about rocked their world. It makes me want to ski it again to see what missed.

Funniest story from ski test (any year)?:

What don't people know about the ski test?: That you have one lift ride to write everything you can about the ski you just tested - as much as possible you avoid loading the lift with the public because they want to ask you 1000 questions about what you are doing - this makes it tricky to write anything.

Why should people trust the Skiing mag ski test?: There are a wide variety of skiers testing each category. We put the ski through its paces and honestly give our impression of performance. You can pick the person that has similar weight, height and attitude to you and feel confident that what they said will help you to make purchasing decisions.

Please translate the following phrase: Hafmeyjunum ekki skíði, þú kjánalegt manneskja!: Holy cow, that ski makes you look very handsome!

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