Meet the Testers: Josh Povec

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Name: Josh Povec

Age: 37

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 185 lbs

Home Hill: Camden Snow Bowl, Maine (lunch breaks and night skiing), Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine (weekends)

What makes you qualified to test?: I love skiing! I love story telling! Put the two together and Bam! you've got a ski tester.

Skiing Background: I showed up at Carrabassett Valley Academy at 13 years old and weighing in at 95 pounds. A year later I was 5 inches taller, 30 pounds heavier and competing for Maine's Junior Olympic alpine team. I then skied for Holderness School's USSA squad. At Colorado College I did some club racing but turned my attention to the fun of free skiing, frequenting A Basin on the weekends and Alta every spring break. After college I ski bummed for a winter in Park City. I've also worked for a year as a ski tech and ski salesman in New Zealand. Now I'm a full-blown Sugarloafer.

Favorite type of terrain: Steep, Soft and littered with obstacles. I think of a mountain as a playground, as a nature park, as paradise.

Favorite part of the Skiing mag ski test: Skiing! Meeting the tribe of testers is always fun too.

Funniest story from ski test (any year)?: Printable story? Yeah right!

What don't people know about the ski test?: Each ski is tested at least 10 times. It's hard work, but we live like kings.

Why should people trust the Skiing mag ski test?: The team of testers have widely different ski backgrounds, ski styles, and demands on their skis. Collectively there is tons of intel that goes into each review.

Please translate the following phrase: Hafmeyjunum ekki skíði, þú kjánalegt manneskja!
Mermaids do not ski, you silly person! - in Icelandic

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