Meet the Testers: Kevin Luby

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Name: Kevin Luby

Age: 26

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 190

Home hill: Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho, wha wha!

Day Job: Scribbler of things, Skiing Magazine

What makes you qualified to test?: Um, I can typically drink 10 beers after skiing all day before I pass out.

Skiing background: Failed racer, somewhat reformed teleskier, former snowboarder during my disgruntled youth.

Favorite type of terrain: Trees and Velvet Jones

Ideal ski: 100 underfoot, tip rocker, bit of tail rocker, gotta be able to hold an edge.

Favorite part of the Skiing mag ski test: Hot laps with the whole test crew during the day followed by hot tub beers.

Funniest story from ski test (any year)?: I woke up on the floor of Joe Cutts's room...again.

What don't people know about the ski test?: It's a total quad blowout. After skiing 100 skis during the week, I have to give my legs at least a week to rest.

Why should people trust the Skiing mag ski test?: The testers are pros. They all have an incredible knowledge of skis, construction, and quality. Snowbird is a great venue. There's no advertising-based bias to the results. The cream always rises.

Please translate the following phrase: Hafmeyjunum ekki skíði, þú kjánalegt manneskja! There are few things as pleasurable as a hearty morning bowel movement!

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