Meet the Testers: Mike Britt

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Age: 40

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175

Home hill: Aspen, CO

Day Job: Ski Patroller

What makes you qualified to test?: After 10 years of testing, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Skiing background: Ski racer turned ski cross racer, turned big mountain competitor, turned ski instructor, turned ski tester, turned patroller... Hopefully no more turns.

Favorite type of terrain: steep gladed terrain

Ideal ski: Nordica Hellnback

Favorite part of the Skiing mag ski test: The camaraderie and ripping with old friends

Funniest story from ski test (any year)?: when Billy Poole dropped all of his completed test cards off the lift... I was behind him and it looked like a ticker tape parade... I think he recovered most of them. And then the year Tommy Moe tested... Every day was a crack up!

What don't people know about the ski test?: What they don't know won't kill 'em.

Why should people trust the Skiing mag ski test?: We are some of the best skiers in the industry and would never jeopardize our reputation over a biased test. And, we don't get paid... We do it because we love it!!!

Please translate the following phrase: Hafmeyjunum ekki skíði, þú kjánalegt manneskja!: I've made a great life from skiing!!! 

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