The Snow Industry's Kickoff Party

An inside look at the The Meeting's eighth birthday in Aspen, Colorado.
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The entire snow-sports industry’s focus was on Aspen last weekend for #TheMeeting8. Whether you were on-hand or living vicariously through the tweets, trailers, and updates, here is a “notes and quotes” recap from the weekend:

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  • Howie Kuhn and Kendall Reiley made the most of last year’s sub-par conditions and put together a pretty funny short film for the #NEPSA Awards at #TheMeeting8. The NEPSA Awards give local amateur filmmakers a chance to screen a short flick in front of a packed crowd at The Wheeler Opera House. Kuhn and Reiley brought self-deprecating humor to the screen, and were rewarded with $2,000 for winning the NEPSAs. Next year’s themes are: “Dawn Patrol,” “Sunday Funday,” and “Apocalypse Wow.” #GetInvolved and #MakeaFilm for #NEPSA at #TheMeeting9.

Sunny Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

  • Park rats are always going to freak when Berman and his Level 1 crew drop a film, but this year’s flick might bridge the gap between jibber and salty side-country curmudgeon solely based on the unreal job Level 1’s team did in the editing bay. (Best wishes to the Berman clan as they await the arrival of a new addition to the family!)
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  • What’s the secret to putting together a kickass weekend of ski and snowboard films? Double fisting! Digi Dave, Interactive Marketing Manager at Aspen/Snowmass, illustrates that his nickname isn’t a misnomer.
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(L-R) Photographer Chase Jarvis (@chasejarvis), Greg Jacobs (@GregoryJacobs) Head of Distribution for Red Bull Media House, Brendan Gahan (@brendangahan) Director of Social Media at Mekanism, and Nick Hamilton (@hamiltonick) Content Director at Transworld Snowboarding talk shop during a panel discussion on Friday.

  • A big-time cast of panelists, moderators, and attendees (everyone from Dav to Pep and editors to filmmakers) showed up for three panel discussions on Friday. Here’s one recurring theme from the discussions: “Do less good.” When it comes to creating content focus on quality over quantity! So, let’s please all apply that to our strategy when it comes to compiling POV footage this year. #Quality>Quantity #CuttheCrap

Superheroes of Stoke Trailer from MSP Films on Vimeo.

  • First, let it be known that I’m not trying to start anything here; I’m a HUGE fan of POWDER (and an online contributor to the site). However, John CD’s review of “Superheroes of Stoke”—the new MSP joint—was pretty harsh ((“the film falls flat”) and shouldn’t prevent YOU from checking out the film. Granted, I appreciate the candor and I agree wholeheartedly that it was “disturbing” to hear C.R. Johnson say, “The thrill is worth dying for.” But, you’re going to see some solid footage of some of the best skiers in the world throwing down insane lines. In short, go see the MSP film! “It’s a good payoff after the season to hear the crowds cheering during the movie,” said MSP star James Heim, who attended The Meeting. “I personally like Hoji’s segment the most. Of course his skiing is really good, but the way [MSP] set it up and the story behind his segment was really good.”
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 You will remember this image after seeing “Further.”

  • The second installation in the Jeremy Jones/TGR trilogy is so freaking good! “Further” is real, it’s visceral, and it is an absolute must-see. This film transcends preferred modes of snow travel. Skiers, telemarkers, and snowboarders sat elbow-to-elbow with jibbers, weekend warriors, and diehard all-day chargers during the jam-packed screening of “Further” Aspen’s iconic Wheeler Opera House. And, it’s fair to say, that everyone liked it. I even think a few slednecks turned out for the film and liked it…
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Photo by Jeremy Swanson

  • Aspen/Snowmass PR maven Meredith McKee put on a clinic at the Woody Creek Racetrack during Saturday’s go-cart racing.
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  • The dudes at Voleurz are funny. It’s a fact! “Kill Your Boredom” will be available for FREE download November 14 at and while the skiing and riding are good, the opening shot of an epic, hilarious, Braveheart-esque brawl between skiers and snowboarders is worth the download alone. Also, Rob Heule and Mack Jones each throw down legit park/urban segments. Both dudes will soon be mainstream (as “mainstream” as urban skiers can be).
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  • Trying to ice Digi Dave is as futile as bringing a knife to a gunfight. It’s uncanny how many Smirnoff Ice bottles Amirault carries in his skinny jeans (or Bermuda shorts in this photo). So, don’t even try. And, you’ll learn a valuable lesson from PBP’s Drew Lederer about Smirnoff Ice if you watch the closing credits of “WE: A Collection of Individuals.”
  • The new Poor Boyz Productions film, “WE: A Collection of Individuals,” is probably THE ski flick to watch this year. Blending gnarly urban and park footage with puckering big-mountain lines, Poor Boyz brought it with this year’s film, per usual. Pep, Petit, and Powiss each put together uniquely different segments, but each of theirs is all-time.
  • “I make a point of watching all the ski movies,” said TGR skier Todd Ligare after watching the new PBP film. “I thought Pep’s segment was really inspiring, and Dane Tudor has been doing this for Poor Boyz for a bunch of years now, too.”
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  • Chuck Mumford rolled into town to slang his Pit Vipers on the streets of Aspen.
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  • “Vaya a la Cumbre” is a documentary by Zach Ornitz and Ollie Nieuwland-Zlotnicki about El Arpa, the awesome cat-skiing operation outside of Losa Andes, Chile. “We couldn’t have asked for a better scenario for the world premiere of our film,” said Zach Ornitz. “I’ve been part of The Meeting audience many times before, and so I knew what to expect. People go to films at The Meeting to get their early season stoke on, to be entertained, and have a party-like atmosphere where they’re hooting and hollering, and drinking beers. We were curious to see how our short documentary would play out in that atmosphere. But, I think they really bought into it; there were actual minutes of total silence when people were listening to the story.”Keep an eye out for “Vaya a la Cumbre” making the festival rounds through the year. The great thing about this one is that it focuses on one of the coolest places to ski in the world and one of the most compelling characters in the world: El Arpa and Tony Sponar (the owner of Arpa), respectively.
  • The documentary was a great change of pace amidst the ski-porn films on the bill, and the Aspen crowd loved what the Aspen locals put together. (Ornitz and Nieuwland-Zlotnicki are both longtime Aspenites.)


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